Just about an hour ago our school became the first people in all of asia to watch the documentary “SharkWater”. It was produced and made by Rob Stewart. The documentary was about sharks endangered and shark fin soup and how sharks aren’t that bad. It was awesome because Rob Stewart was there with us when we were watching us. It took him 5 years to make the documentary! And when he was doing it he almost died 6 times (if you want you can leave a comment and I will tell you what happened). It was an amazing documentary because they went to secret places and found hidden spots where they bring shark fins into places without anyone knowing. It was a really interesting documentary and it just showed me how passionate some people are about saving animal species and the environment.

Here is his website

and remember SPREAD THE WORD!

See you later

Eagle 08

Where Is The Love? (Music Video)

On Friday our class did our own Music Video of the song from Black Eyed Peas. It is called Where Is The Love? Eagle 15, 03, 22, 16 and I did some recording of Where Is The Love on the soccer pitch and in the L.L.A.C. So we had to make scenes which related to the video. For Example: In the song it says “Nations Dropping Bombs” So Eagle 15 and Eagle 03 and I stood together talking and since it was a dress down day and the theme was to where soccer clothes I brought a soccer ball. So I threw the soccer ball high in the air and then when it hit the ground we all dived away from it.

We also had 2 funny bloopers. So in the Official Music Video They stick pictures all over the place that look like this “?”. So I had to stick one on a wall and while I was running I tripped and hit my head on the wall. Our other one was when we were going back to class Eagle 03 dropped the ball and it went down 4 flights of stairs! And when it was rolling down it almost went over the handrail and if it did it would have dropped 6 floors on to a table!

It was really fun to do.

Anyways See you later

Thanks Eagle 08

Edublogs Challenge #10 Part B

Q. What were your first impressions of this blog?
A. Its neat and tidy and looks dark like outer space

Q. What captured your attention?
A.The Spinning world (Who is watching ME 2) Definitely.

Q. What distracted you on the blog?
A. Nothing really but for me personally it is kind of dark but I know you like it like that.

Q. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
A. More colorful so it is easy to read.

Bye Eagle 08,

Credits My mom

Edublogs Challenge #10

I have done 43 posts (including this one).

36 have been school related

I have had 49 comments (including a spam).

My post with the most comments is 10 Random Facts about me with 7 comments. I think this was popular because people want to see what kind of person I am.

I had the most fun making the Top Ten Ice Hockey Goalies of 2009 and Top Ten Best Ice Hockey Players Of 2009 (08-09 And 09-10 season) because I like everyone knowing my opinion

I have 11 widgets on my blog. I personnally don’t think that is to much because I know people with way more.

See ya later


Last week, our grade went to Cheng Chau. We went from Wednesday to Friday. It was an overnight camp. At camp we went into a pirate cave. It was a small cave I could probably go through it in 7 seconds. Also we had a mini Amazing Race. In the Amazing Race we had to go around Cheng Chau and figure out things. Also we went rock climbing and cycling.

Overall I would give it a 7 and a half% out of 10%

Thanks, Eagle08

Festival Of The Arts

This week at school we are doing an annual event called Festival Of The Arts. It is basically all these people and they show us their style of arts. Also yesterday there was a Teacher Showcase where the teachers showed there talents. And today we are going to have the Student Showcase!

If you want to know anything about it just leave a comment,

Thanks Eagle 08